Canyon Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Canyon Defense is very nice tower defense game from Game is designed very well and I enjoyed time spent with this game.

What I like in this game, is system of enabling of better weapons. To buy better weapons is not only question of money, but also question of your progress in game. Game has also very good joined weapons, buildings and system of special abilities. In game you can buy basic weapons, advanced weapons, and buildings. At beginning you can choose from 3 maps, and from 3 difficulties. Easy levels in game are very easy, and is good only for better knowing game engine. But hard level is difficult enough. Especially last 4 waves are very tough. I spent a long time to won game in hard level. System of enabling abilities and better weapons is very complex. After buying buildings or weapons, you can buy better weapons or buildings, or you can gain some special abilities.

Game has these types of basic weapons in game:

  • Missile Turret is the cheapest anti-ground weapon.
  • Howitzer is anti-ground weapon with good range and splash damage. It is enabled after launching missile from silo.
  • Tesla Tower is enabled after buying 5 GOO Cannons and damages all ground enemies in a range.
  • Gutling Laser is enabled after destroying 40 flying enemies. It is important anti-ground weapon for enemies with shield.
  • Nulificator is enabled after buying factory.

There are also these advanced weapons in game:

  • AA Gun is standard anti-air weapon.
  • GOO Cannon is very important weapon. It slows air and ground enemies. It will be enabled after destroying 5 flying enemies.
  • Chain Gun is very good anti-ground weapon. It will be enabled after collecting 1000 USD.
  • Gauss Cannon will be enabled after buying Recycler factory. It pierces shield for flying enemies.
  • Oil Spray will be enabled after creating 10 walls.

You can buy also buildings in game:

  • Nuclear Silo gives you ability to launch missile on enemies. It will be enabled after buying 5 AA Guns.
  • Wall Factory after buying building you can build walls in way of enemies. It is enabled after buying 15 weapons.
  • Recycler is enabled after building of 5 Chain Guns or Tesla Towers. It gives 50% more money from destroyed enemies.
  • Radar Dome gives 10% more damage and 10% more range to all weapons.
  • Laboratory is enabled after building 2 wall factories. Gives stop time ability.

There are no updates in game. Weapons and buildings can be only sold. You have 10 lives in game. When you lost them game finished. Game engine is very good designed. Sound effect are good, I don't like so much background music, but it is possible to stop it. Game is very good designed also from view of playability. You have to be prepared for stronger and stronger enemies. From time to time you must destroy flying enemies. The best players can be listed in high scores list. I am not there, but I hope, that you reach this list.

Canyon Defense is a very good tower defense game. The system of enabling new weapons is very good designed, and I also like special abilities.

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