Candy Stash

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
4Kids TV

Candy Stash is tower defense game for children from 4Kids TV. You must protect your favorite piñata's to keep Professor Pester from stealing your candy.

Candy Stash is easy tower defense game. Keep Professor Pester with his Ruffian Bots to reach your stash. To do it, you must build defensive Piñata towers along the way. You can build these towers:

  • Hudson's Superstar Smile is cheap tower suitable for both air and ground bots.
  • Franklin's Wicked Wave Wipeout is tower suitable only for air bots.
  • Fergy's Whine-Nado is very good tower suitable for both air and ground bots.
  • Les's Gala Boom Boom is strong tower suitable only for ground bots.
  • Paulie's Pretztainilator is very good but slow tower suitable ground bots.
  • Tina and Ted's Twingersnapper is the strongest tower suitable for both bots.

All towers can be upgraded twice or sold. Game has very nice game engine with childish graphics and average sounds. Playability of game is good, but it is very easy for advanced players. All controls in game are well situated and you will find all possibilities without problem. I had only problem to find Reset button in game, but later i found it on left side with candy like shape. You don't need some special strategy for this game.

Candy Stash is nice and easy tower defense game for children.

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