Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Ninja Kiwi

Bloons Tower Defense game looks more like game for small children. But be careful. This game is really hard. Author Ninja Kiwi and Kaiparasoft Ltd makes really good work on this game. This is a second version of this game and there is also possible to play previous one.

Main idea of this tower defense game is to hit enemies (bloons vith various colors) with monkeys and special towers. You have 2 possibilities to upgrade your monkeys or towers. You can also use special traps to stop or slow enemies. Game has very good playability and is very addicting. Small amount of weak enemies on start slowly change to army of very strong enemies at the end. Each type of enemy represents bloon with specific color, and it change to weaker enemy (bloon with another color) after hitting. You can choose from 3 maps. Game has 50 levels and you need a lot of time to finish it.

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