Bloons Tower Defense 1

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Ninja Kiwi and Kaiparasoft Ltd

I wrote before about newer version of this game Bloons 2 Tower Defense. Game has a lot of features similar to second version. Author Ninja Kiwi and Kaiparasoft Ltd starts with this game excellent series of really good tower defense games.

Main idea of this tower defense game is the same like in second version. You can hit enemies (bloons vith various colors) with monkeys and special towers. You have 2 possibilities to upgrade your monkeys or towers. You can build these towers in game:

  • Dart Tower is the cheapest one but its power is in amount. You can upgrade its range and give it piercing darts.
  • Tack Tower shoots in 8 directions at once. It is very useful into corners. You can upgrade its range and speed.
  • Ice Tower can slow enemies by freezing. You can upgrade its range and longer time of freezing.
  • Bomb Tower has a splash damage. You can upgrade its range and improve damage with bigger bombs.
  • Super Monkey it is the best weapon in game. It has hypersonic speed and after upgrading its range it is unbelievable weapon.

Game has excellent playability and is very addicting. From beginning you must choose right towers and right places for them. Game for children shortly changes to excellent game for all players.

Bloons Tower Defense 1 is an excellent game.

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