Bitmap Turret Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Ant Forshaw

Bitmap Turret Defense is tower defense game from Ant Forshaw. It is an average game.

Bitmap Turret Defense is standard tower defense game. You can buy these towers in the game:

  • Default Turret is basic weapon.
  • Earth Turret is good weapon against ground enemies with low speed.
  • Air Turret is fast weapon against air enemies.
  • Water Turret is universal weapon that can slows enemies.
  • Laser Turret is universal and very powerful weapon.
  • Plasma Turret is very good weapon against ground enemies with splash damage.
  • Arc Turret is universal weapon with chain effect.
  • Gatling Turret is the best universal weapon with very good rate.

Every tower you can upgrade more times. You can also sell them. After some levels you can increase your interests or research new weapons.

The game engine has standard controls. It needs some improvements, to be good. In the case, you have selected turret, game start to be very slow. When you push button for fast game, there is no possibility to slow game back. Graphics is average and game has basic sound effects. Trash bin for canceling build mode is really bad idea. I many times build turret near of it, instead of canceling build mode. Playability of the game is also average. The game is very difficult.

Bitmap Turret Defense is average tower defense game with many mistakes.

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