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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Jared Johnson

Besieged is very nice tower defense game. This game consists from levels where you have various missions. Creator of this game Jared Johnson creates very addictive game.

In this game you must fulfill mission for each level. It is standard tower defense game. You can build towers and structures. To protect your castle you can build these towers:

  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest tower with low damage.
  • Sap Silo slows enemies
  • Ballista Tower improves damage of all towers in range.
  • Cannon Tower is best tower with good damage and range, but very slow

To buy them you need money. You can build also structures:

  • Farm increases XP of castle and repairs slowly damaged castle
  • Mine is important source for resources
  • Training Center increases XP for towers.
  • Landmark is main target for higher levels.

To buy them, you need enough resources. All towers and structures don't have updates. Together with castle they are automatically updated during time. Game has nice simple graphics. Game engine is not bad, but you must be very careful. All towers and structures are sold after clicking on them. This is not very good designed, because sold my towers many times, when I only want to know some info about towers. Game has nice music in background. Playability of game is very good. All finished levels are saved, and you can select from finished level in main menu.

Besieged is very good mission tower defense game.

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