Battle TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Battle TD is queen of online tower defense games. Creator of this game NEKO created not only tower defense game, but whole online tower defense platform.

Battle TD has excellent graphics. I can say it is the best graphics I have ever seen for online tower defense game. It can be played in 2 modes. You can play Canyon map or Maze map. Each map needs different strategy for playing. For second one you need of course create your own way for creatures. In game you can use 9 towers. 3 basic towers: Arrow tower, Cannon tower and Ballista tower you can use from start of game. Next towers you can use only when you gain technologies for them. They you gain after finishing some levels. Fire catapult, Icicle tower and Poison tower are better towers after gaining necessary technology. Best towers as Magic fire, Crystal tower and Lightning tower and they you can gain only from combination of 2 from 3 technologies. It is possible to upgrade each tower twice. And towers also can be sold for 75% of their prices. In game is 28 types of creeps totally. Important division is on ground creeps and air creeps. Each type from both of them needs other type of towers. Game intelligence is very good. You must always think carefully about buying and upgrading right towers. I was a little bit disappointed with very fast start in Maze map. I usually lost some lives in first level. Game as whole is excellent tower defense game. After registration on page you have more advantages than anonymous players. Best score system in platform is also very good developed. The best players in both modes can be honored with many types of medals. On Battle TD page you can also find a lot of useful informations. It contains tutorial, forum, gallery, support pages and much more. I can only recommend this game for all tower defense players.

Battle TD is excellent tower defense game. It is now one from the best online tower defense games on internet.

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