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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Robot JAM and Monkey MOO

Bananageddon is simple tower defense game from Robot JAM and Monkey MOO. Simple, with childish graphics but difficult game.

In Bananageddon you must stop attacking mokeys, before they reach your village. You can stop them using these weapons:

  • Cheese Cannon is basic cannon in game with low damage and good speed.
  • Freezer Gun makes low damage but it slows enemies.
  • Heat Ray has very good damage but it is very slow.
  • Carpet Bomb is very destructive weapon with low range.
  • Exploding Snacks you can give them on paths as mines with timer. They are not usable against flying enemies.
  • Magic Spanner can repair your weapons.

Basic towers can be upgraded more times and they can be also sold. During game enemies attack also your towers. You must very carefully repair damaged towers, otherwise they will be destroyed. I hate this feature of the game, because you can simply lost fully upgraded tower and there is no possibility to build new one on the same place. It is possible to improve things and buy new lives between levels. The game has average graphics with annoying background music. Fortunately it is possible to switch it off. Bananageddon looks easy at lower levels, but it is very difficult in higher levels. The game has a standard game engine with simple and clear controls.

Bananageddon is an average tower defense game. It is very difficult, but it has good playability.

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