Apple Defender

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Tower Defense Game
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Apple Defender is an average tower defense game from You must defend your apple trees from worms.

Apple Defender has no maps or ways. You have field with one apple tree and you must defend it. You can buy more trees. On the tree grows apple. When it turns to red, you can click on it and you will earn money. And on tree grows new green apple. Bad bad worms want to steal your apple. After losing apple, your tree will die. When they die all your trees, your game is over. To protect your trees, you can buy cannons. They can be upgraded in many ways and more times. With multiple updates you can build big variety of weapons. But worms attack also on your cannons. To repair them, you can buy repair towers. That all make from this game difficult challenge for all tower defense players.

The game engine is very simple. It has simple graphics and poor sound effects. But playability of this game is very good. You have big variety of possibilities how to play this game. Game starts and it looks very easy, but soon you recognize, that it is very difficult.

Apple Defender is an average tower defense game with new unique idea.

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