Anti TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Anti TD is not really tower defense game. In this game are roles switched. Computer defends from enemies sent by you with towers. Thank you Sugar Free for this excellent idea and game.

Game has 10 levels. To unlock next, you must finish previous one. From beginning it looks like very easy game. But each next level is more and more difficult. You must build units and pass enemy towers. You can generate 10 units type. 3 air units and 7 ground units. For each unit you can choose from 5 upgrades (levels). Higher level of unit means more money to pay for unit, but also higher resistance and speed of unit. You can choose entrances for generated unit and directions straight during the game. All this operations you must combine in short time. How far from entrance your unit reach is directly proportional to money you earn. You can also earn extra money, when you cross money bonus mark. You can also find here other types of bonus marks, like money bonus or points bonus. Target of game is reach exit with selected amount of units for specific level. Game has very nice graphics, all controls are clear in short time and standard sound. I didn't find any mistake in this game. Game has very good playability and is very addictive. With good strategy for each level you can finish it in hour or two. Good strategy is combine air and ground units. If there are more entrances, it is necessary to start from the right one. I start from begin with low level units and later I increase levels for units. You must be careful on your money balance. Usually I knew, that I had found good strategy when my money balance is growing.

My final verdict for this anti tower defense game is:
Try this game, and you will spend good time with playing it.

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