Attack of the Furries

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Summer Sun Games

Attack of the Furries is simple tower defense game from Summer Sun Games. To be successful, you must kill enemies and find resources necessary for your living.

Attack of the Furries is tower defense game with strategy features. You can build towers or buildings and you can research new technologies and weapons. Some of the buildings it is possible to place only on places, with enough resources. It means you must drill your map for resources, before you can build them. You can build research labs, mines and power stations. Some of the weapons, must be researched, before you can buy them. You can build these weapons in the game:

  • Bullet Turret is basic turret against ground enemies.
  • Ship Turret is basic turret suitable only for air enemies.
  • Mines you can place on way and they explode after going over them. They are suitable against ground and air enemies.
  • Cannon Turret is strong turret suitable against ground and air enemies.
  • Lazer Turret is very good weapon against ground enemies. You can research also attack on flying objects for this turret.
  • Bubble Turret is very good tower suitable for both kinds of enemies.
  • Freeze Turret can slow ground and air enemies.
  • Missile Turret is an excellent tower suitable for both enemies.

All towers can be upgraded more times or sold for a little bit money. The game has simple game engine with poor graphics and sounds. But game itself, has a good playability. You must find good strategy to win this game. You must build right buildings and turrets in the right time. Game has 2 difficulties. Attack of the Furries is not easy, but also not very difficult. For advanced tower defense player it takes hour or two to win this game

Attack of the Furries is easy tower defense game for with average playability.

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