3D Tower Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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3D Tower Defense is very simple game. It want to be unique with possibility to play it like 3D game, but unfortunately this game has a very poor playability.

In 3D Tower Defense you can choose from 6 towers to kill enemies before they reach end of the field:

  • Cannon Fort is the cheapest weapon in the game
  • Water Tower enchanted shrine
  • Fire Tower tower of fire wielding
  • Poison Tower slows nearby enemies
  • Gold Tower gives you double money from killing enemies
  • Blood Tower double damages enemies

There is possibility to zoom screen with Up and Down arrows. You can also turn screen using Left and Right arrows keys. It doesn't help so much to playability. Enemies are going using red line as their way. When you place towers near of this game, line change its direction and using this way it is possible to change way for enemies. I really don't understand how it functions. As I have written before this game has poor playability. There is no background music or sound effects. Also graphics is simple. Moving camera in 3D space has no meaning for this game.

3D Tower Defense game is not game for me. Possibly for other players it can be good choice, but I don't reccomend you to spend a lot of time with this game. If you know how to play this game, please write it to the comments.

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