Strategy Defense 5

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Strategy Game
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Strategy Defense 5 is next part of Strategy Defense game series. Here you can find info about Strategy Defense 1, Strategy Defense 2, Strategy Defense 3 and here is info about Strategy Defense 4. BelugerinGames creates new version of their strategy online games. But you don't find important changes in this version.

Strategy Defense 5 is combination of tower defense and strategy game. Similarly like in previous version you must defend your bases from enemies attacks. Now you can play on more maps. Always after finishing previous level you can continue in next level. After starting level you can switch between your 3 bases with 1, 2, 3 keys. You can spend your money, to buy defense towers. You can also use special attack in each wave. Or in next step you can buy army to attack enemies bases. You have chance that you buy also white soldiers. They are more powerful and faster than normal soldiers. In the game your towers and weapons evolve during eras in history. It is the same idea, like in previous version. There is nothing new in this game. Graphics is worse than in previous version and there is no possibility to buy weapons from older eras, like it was before.

I gave previous version of this game good valuation, but this version of game is only poor infusion of previous version.

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