Strategy Defense 4

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Strategy Game
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Strategy Defense 4 is new game from before posted series Strategy Defense 1, Strategy Defense 2, Strategy Defense 3. Their creator BelugerinGames create new version of these excellent strategy online games.

More info about previous versions of this game you can read when you click on link above. Strategy Defense 4 continue in tracks of Strategy Defense 3. It is more tower defense games, than strategy game. You can PLACE here more defense towers (in previous version you can place only 2 towers). Now you have to defend more bases. That also means, that game is more difficult, than previous version. You can choose from 4 difficulties levels and 12 maps. Also enemies has more bases. Target of game is defending your bases and destroy enemies bases. After some time of game era change and you can buy new types of weapons and defense towers. Game gives you also excellent variety of weapons from history, to weapons from today armies. In every level you have possibility to use special weapon for mass destroying. You can buy ground, water and air weapons. That is all the same, like in previous version. Game is very difficult sometimes. But when you start to play this game, you will not be able to stop. My strategy for this game is defend well your bases only with towers, and attack only on one base in time. It gives you more chances to win this game. You can switch between your bases with keyboard keys Z, X, C.

I think this is a good idea to place more defense towers. It makes from this game full tower online game. Also more bases is a good feature.

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