Strategy Defense 1

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Game Category: 
Strategy Game
Game Developer: 
Belugerin Games

Strategy Defense 1 is very specific game. Their creator BelugerinGames create nice strategy online game.

Reason why I played this game is that game is similar to tower defense games style. In Strategy Defense 1 you have to kill all enemies and go to specific point on map. You have one or more characters. With them you can do specific things. With action Move you can move your character on specific place. Attack action is for attacking enemies with selected weapon. Action Wait is for standing on place for next turn. Action Items is for using items that can help you to win battle. Action Magic is for using magic to attack enemies. With action Change you can change your character to another one. All game consists from many levels. Between levels you can save status of game, and also buy weapons and items in shop for next levels.

Strategy Defense 1 Game is very nice game and I can only recommend you this game.

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