Flash Conquerors

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Strategy Game
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Flash Conquerors is very good strategy game from FunnyGames, similar to Strategy Defense 4 game. You have to protect your castle while you go through various eras.

Flash Conquerors is strategy game with combination of tower defense games and with defend castles games. It looks like strange combination, but it functions. Very good graphics and good game engine, makes from this game very good entertainment. You can play this game using various strategies. You can upgrade only your castle and your units and play this game like defend castle game. Or you can buy new towers and new units to protect your castle. To build good defense is very difficult, and sometimes after changing era, your very good towers can change to poor towers without value. To change era you need to gain enough experience points. It is good to concentrate on your castle. You can upgrade its many features, together with your units. And after changing eras, your castle is transformed to modern battle fortress. Also your towers can be upgraded in many features. You can move your units, or kill enemies from your cannon on castle, by clicking with mouse button. Sometimes is this game so fast, and you need to be very concentrated on your defense. Game can rapidly change from state when it looks like easy game, to fast game over. Here you can find complex guide for game

Flash Conquerors is very complex strategy game. Every player can find in this game his own strategy. I can only recommend this game.

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