The Blade of Innocence

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Game Category: 
Strategy Game
Game Developer: 
Angle's Design

The Blade of Innocence is very unique strategy game. You must at first protect your city from your opponent and later destroy his city. Angle's Design, creator of this game, made something new in online strategy games.

The Blade of Innocence game is not easy game. To win this game, also in very easy mode, needs a lot of experience. To build your army, you must at first build structures. At first Barracks to be able buy Footmen soldiers. Later Blacksmith for gunpowder technology and Riflemen soldiers. You can also buy improving of your soldier's features. Through the game you can build many structures, and buy various kind of soldiers. Important rule for game is: You must be one step before your opponent. When you build your army and successfully protect your city, you can attack your opponent's city. When you feel that your army is loosing positions, you must return back to defense of your city. It is difficult to describe all aspects of this game. Game has a very strange game engine, but it is not bad. You must only play this game longer time, to control game without problems. I love system of gradually improving in the game. From standard footmen you can buy monks and etc. But the same possibilities has also opponent. The game has nice background graphics, but graphics in game itself is average. There are poor sound effects in the game. But playability of this game, what is the most important is very good. Especially after playing this game longer time you will love this game.

The Blade of Innocence is nice strategy game. Game is very unique and very good playability.

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