King's Island

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RPG Game
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Age of Games

King's Island is an excellent RPG game. P.M. Studios & Foofa Studios make a good work.

King's Island is first online RPG game, I have ever played. It took me days, to finish this game. Why did I spend days with playing this game? Because it is really good game. The game has simple idea. On King Island has started terrible riot. King Maleficus want to punish rebels. You are the warrior Kaptivo, who is responsible to assure peace on the island. You can build your character with increasing of your experiences. After killing rebels you can gain useful things or money. You can also gain these things from chests. After clearing map, you can use passages to other maps. Usually on every map you must kill boss of rebels. It owns special weapon, that is necessary for killing boss in the next map. You can also sell or buy things from merchants. It looks like easy game, but it is not always true. The game has many maps and it is important to find right order between maps. You can find maps and important info on the game page. Without them you will spend much more time with this game. Next info you can also find in the community forum on the page.

King's Island is an excellent game. It has only one minus. You need so much time to finish this game. But I am sure it will be funny time.

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