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Game Category: 
Logical Game
Game Developer: 
We Create Stuff

Interlocked is a beautiful logical 3D game from We Create Stuff company.

Target of Interlocked game is very simple. You must dismount blocks consisted from smaller blocks. The game is 3D, that means you can rotate your block with help of mouse. Clicking on Glance Tool button you can swith from rotate mode to action mode. In action mode you can move selected block using mouse. You can also switch between modes with SPACE. The game engine is designed very well. Background music is fine. It does't disturb me during the play. The game has 20 levels. From easy levels at start of game to hardcore levels at the the end. After solving each puzzle is your game saved.

Interlocked is very nice #D puzzle game and I can only recommned this game to everybody.

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