Xeno Tactic 2

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A great tower defense game,

A great tower defense game, considerable better than the first version. Even if it's a little hard at first, forcing replays, you'll eventually get use to it. Most of all, you'll have fun, which is really the point behind all flash browser games. Highly recommended!


Yes, you need a variety of

Yes, you need a variety of turrets. Start out with upgraded vulcans at the bottom. Use blocks block of the path and force the ships to go down then up and take a very long path to reach the exit. Use devestator & plasma cannon - upgrade to max. Use lots of "slow down" turrets. Don't nigelct your air defenses - these need to be maxed. Use a dissapator early in path to remove enemy shield. Also use disapptors near top to help with air. See youtube videos on this. After wave 39, sell all air turrets and spend the cash on ground forces.


The game play of these series

The game play of these series are quite pathetically designed.

Do not expect creativity or new TD outlets...

Cheap tactics just to catch you unawares and force multiple replays.

Better than part 1 though, which has no incremental difficulty design involved. Part 1 was essentially ripped from other TD games and given new, albeit nicer, graphics and forced hard modes just to entice the "hardcore" players.
They do not realise that HC players like logical and creative ways to build their towers, maze, combos etc and not just farked up forced mazing.

Part 2 removes the need for mazing, with better, but OP, upgrades. After a while, its just mindless upgrades and catching stupid flight paths.

4 out of 10, and I am in a generous mood.


I love this game! But I just

I love this game! But I just can´t seem to get past level 5.
level 2 is pretty easy once you get the right tac down. Start off by building the devestator and uppgrade it as soon as you get money. Add on with lasers when you get the chance and those turrets that slow things down. Very general advise, but the devestator really is the key.


İ wanna xenotactic 3

İ wanna xenotactic 3 !!!!!!!!


Yah this is a difficult game.

Yah this is a difficult game. Or maybe im really bad at it. Either way Ive tried the second level at least 80 times and no matter what I cant beat it. Does anyone have any tips?